Western Swing Wednesday! 

Hey, folks - if you love to dance to western swing, come out to the Nashville Palace every Wednesday in March - for 7-10, we're celebrating Western Swing Wednesdays with Carolyn Martin's Swing Band! A low, low $5 cover charge and the best dance floor in Nashville!

Ameripolitan Music Awards! 

Howdy, folks!

You may remember that a while back, we told you about Carolyn’s Ameripolitan Music Awards nomination in the Western Swing Female category, and asked you to visit the Ameripolitan web page to vote. Well, you apparently did a great job – Carolyn won! It wouldn’t have happened without your votes and we’re very grateful – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

My Name in Rolling Stone Magazine 

Rolling Stone Magazine mentioned me and Chris Scruggs in their coverage of the 2015 Hall Of Fame Medallion Ceremony!


Texas swing artist Carolyn Martin and Nashville musician Chris Scruggs performed a lively rendition of the trio's 1954 debut hit, "Looking Back to See."

OK, so it's not like getting my picture on the cover, but I think it's really neat!

My picture in People Magazine 

I got to perform with my friend Chris Scruggs at the Country Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2015; we sang "Lookin' Back To See" to honor the late Jim Ed Brown, a 2015 inductee. I'm in the People Magazine photograph of the event!


Why I Recorded "A Platter of Brownies" 

I’ve always taken a rather broad view about what qualifies as “western swing.” I’ve recorded brand new compositions as well as songs from Broadway shows and beloved movies. I've recorded songs by artists from Hank Williams and Faron Young to Duke Ellington and Rosemary Clooney, as well as classics by those giants on whose shoulders all of us who make this music stand: Bob Wills, Spade Cooley and Cindy Walker.

For this project, the band and I decided we would tap into the roots of the genre – and that led…

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Who was Milton Brown? 

Milton Brown – the Father of Western Swing

On the evening of September 19, 1932, Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies broadcast their first show on Fort Worth’s KTAT Radio. Brown had played his last show as a member of Fort Worth’s Light Crust Doughboys only two days earlier. Over the next four years, this group would create the style of music we now know as western swing.

 In 1932, the Light Crust Doughboys were Texas’ best known string band. Their daily noontime broadcast on Fort Worth’s WBAP radio…

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"A Platter of Brownies is here!" 

My latest Cd, "A Platter of Brownies: The Music of Milton Brown" is in hand - to order your own copy before the official release date in April, go to the "Buy" page!

Carolyn Martin Live At The Station Inn Video 

Hey, y'all, we just found this video; it was recorded in 2011 (and was most likely on Youtube, but I didn't know! Here's a whole hour of my swing band, with Rory Hoffman on guitar and accordion, Dave Martin playing bass, drummer Tommy Wells, Paul Kramer playing fiddle, and Chris Scruggs playing steel!



Western Way Magazine Review 

Wow - a great review of Tennessee Local from Rick Huff in the new Western Way Magazine! Thanks, Rick!

"Carolyn Martin is one of contemporary Western Swing’s bigger draws, and her recorded product is always…always…spot-on perfection.

In Tennessee Local she once again ranges from Swing to Pop Jazz to Boogie to Ballad and blows the lid off of each with musicians that are her equal, led by hubby Dave Martin. From her great originals “Swing On” and “Talk To Me” through classics of the chosen genres…

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New photos 

We've added a bunch of new photos to the site, including some really cool images from a show at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Abilene, Texas - check 'em out!