Western Way Magazine Review

Wow - a great review of Tennessee Local from Rick Huff in the new Western Way Magazine! Thanks, Rick!

"Carolyn Martin is one of contemporary Western Swing’s bigger draws, and her recorded product is always…always…spot-on perfection.

In Tennessee Local she once again ranges from Swing to Pop Jazz to Boogie to Ballad and blows the lid off of each with musicians that are her equal, led by hubby Dave Martin. From her great originals “Swing On” and “Talk To Me” through classics of the chosen genres like “Fascinating Rhythm,” “Beat Me Daddy 8 To The Bar,” “You’re From Texas” and others, Martin and company handle things with unarguable command.

Two other original songs from players on the project are also worthy of praise…Nora Jane Struthers’ “Cowgirl Yodel” and Chris Scruggs’ “Change Your Made-Up Mind.” If the so-called “bar” is set by artists like these, a pack of Western Swingers have some serious stretching to do to jump it!

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