Music City Roots Show

Words cannot explain how much fun we had playing the Music City Roots Show! The band, Tommy Wells, Jerry Krahn, Billy Contreras, Dave Martin, Rory Hoffman and Tommy White, was wonderful - in fact, since Rory played with us, with the Gypsy Hombres and with Erika Chambers, he was on stage for most of the evening. And as everyone who has heard him knew he would be, Rory was absolutely the hit of the show! At the end of the evening, everyone who played is invited back up for the "Loveless Jam", a song chosend by Jim Lauderdale where everyone sings and plays. Last night it was "Best of My Love", a song written by the evening's headliner, J.D. Souther.

Everyone at the Loveless was great (and so was the food - go to the Lovelss for the fried chicken, stay for the biscuits). As always, it was great to have the chance to visit with the lovely and talented Eddie Stubbs and with Jim Lauderdale.