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Carolyn Martin: News

Carolyn returns to the Lone Star State - August 29, 2010

Howdy, Folks!

Carolyn will be performing this Labor Day weekend with the fabulous Billy Mata and the Texas Tradition.

Friday, September 3 the show will be at the legendary Broken Spoke in Austin, Saturday the 4th, we'll be at the Swiss Alps Dance Hall in Schulenburg, and on Sunday the 5th, Billy, Carolyn and the boys will be holding forth at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar in Bandera, Texas. Texas piano master Floyd Domino will be joining Billy, Carolyn and the band in Austin and Bandera.

Come on out and bring your dancing shoes (or boots, as the case may be)!

Carolyn on WSM - August 29, 2010

On Tueday, August 31, Carolyn will be visiting with Bill Cody on WSM 650 AM - if you're one of the unlucky few who can't hear WSM on your radio, you don't have to feel left out; tune your computer to and listen on the internet!

Carolyn on Music City Roots - August 29, 2010

Y'all be sure and catch Carolyn on Music City Roots on Wednesday, September 1st; it'll be a great show!

Live In Studio C - June 7, 2010

Carolyn appeared on WPLN's "Live In Studio C" last week with a jazz quartet; while she's been concentrating on singing Western Swing recently, many of you remember her "Very Thought Of You" CD. Most of the material on the latest "Live In Studio C" is from that album. The show is currently availabl from WPLN's website; the link is: and it's well worth listening to. Carolyn and the band, consisting of pianist Rory Hoffman, drummer Tommy Wells, bassist Dave Martin and the lovely and talented Billy Huber on trombone, are on the second half of the show.


Carolyn on Woodsongs - June 7, 2010

Carolyn's appearance on the Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour is now online go to: to see it! There's also a clip on Youtube of the first song we did on the show; to see that, go to:

Carolyn interview - May 11, 2010

Carolyn spent the morning at Sweetwater, the online music store in Ft. Wayne, IN, helping Brad Lunde and Mark Hornsby from Transamerica Audio demonstrate the sound of A Designs and GML equipment. While we were there, Carolyn was asked to do a short interview about our recent flood and do a duet version of "That's What I Call Cookin'. Both can be seen at

Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour - May 1, 2010

Carolyn will be performing on the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour on Monday, May 3 at 7:00 - we'd love to see you at the taping, but if you're not in the vicinity of Lexington, KY, on the 3rd, you can listen at on Monday night and beyond!

Norm's River Roadhouse cancelled - May 1, 2010

Sadly, tonight's gig at Norm's River Road House (in West Nashville) has been canceled due to weather. We just got a call from the folks at Norm's; they're moving the PA upstairs because the basement is flooding.

We'll re-schedule at some point in the future, so stay tuned for more news.

"Cookin' With Carolyn" on the charts! - April 24, 2010

The latest Western Way Magazine lists Carolyn's latest CD "Cookin' With Carolyn" at Number 3 - and "Swing" is Number 4! We're grateful to all of the DJ's who play these CD's and to all the folks who have bought it!

Folk Alliance 2010 - February 24, 2010

We had a great time at Folk Alliance in Memphis - we met some great people, heard some great music and even got to play with some new friends! We feel that the trip will pay off in the long run, because we're getting to expose new folks to Western Swing!
Here's a video from Folk Alliance - someone recorded it at one of our showcases...

Carolyn Leaves the Time Jumpers - January 12, 2010

Dear Friends,
As of January 11, 2010, I am no longer a member of the Time Jumpers. The decision to leave was not at all an easy one, but I want to concentrate my energy on my own musical journey.
I am very proud to have been a member of the Time Jumpers these past eleven years, and I have the utmost affection and respect for the other members, past and present. I thank them for their talent, friendship and for the opportunities that I've had as a member of the group. I would like to offer my special thanks to Terry Choate for his unswerving dedication to the Time Jumpers.

"Cookin' With Carolyn" - December 19, 2009

Carolyn's new record is called "Cookin' With Carolyn"; the mastering is done, the final tweaks are being done to th graphics and text, and the whole thing should be at the pressing plant on December 21st!

Once the CD is at the plant (and we have a firm delivery date), we'll be offering a pre-sale special - stay tuned for more details!

Carolyn's New Project - October 31, 2009

Carolyn has been working hard on a new project; the CD will be callled, "Cookin' With Carolyn", and we think that it'll be her best effort yet! All of the songs have been tracked, and once the vocals are finished, the mixing will begin. "Cookin' With Carolyn is slated for an early December release.

Carolyn's New CD is in Production! - September 25, 2009

Recording has started for Carolyn's new project at Nashville's Java Jive Studio, with producer Dave Martin. The songs have been chosen, the musicians are ready, and we hope to have the new record out by the end of November!

Carolyn at the AWA Awards Show - September 22, 2009

Carolyn appeared at the Academy of Western Artists Awards show at the Granville Theater in Garland, Texas on September 22, 2009, performing with John England and the Western Swingers and with AWA winner Liz Masterson. A great time was had by all! A few pictures are in the Photo section of the site.

WMA nominates "Swing" as Western Swing Album of the Year! - August 18, 2009

The Western Music Association has named Carolyn's "Swing" CD as one of the 5 finalists for the 2009 Cowboy/Western Swing Album of the year. The winner will be announced on November 22 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Academy of Western Artists nominates Carolyn - August 10, 2009

The Academy of Western Artists (which awarded the Will Rogers Award to Carolyn as the Western Swing Female Vocalist of the Year in 2009) has nominated her for for the same honor this year. Carolyn is honored by the nomination and will be attending the AWA presentation in Garland, TX on September 22.

Live in Studio C - July 15, 2009

Carolyn and the Swing Band will perform on WPLN's Live in Studio C on Tuesday, August 4th; you can hear it online for about a week after the show airs.

Western Swing Wednesdays End - June 1, 2009

Carolyn and the band have ended their Wednesday night residency at the Nashville Palace. It was great fun, but even fun things must end.

April 1 Western Swing Wednesday - April 2, 2009

It was a glorious Western Swing Wednesday; though Jerry Krahn and Neil Stretcher were absent (Jerry was out of town and Neil had surgery), their roles were filled by the multi-talented Joe Spivey playing guitar and the unbelievable Rory Hoffman on accordion. Regular Nashville Swingers Chris Scruggs, Tommy Wells, Billy Contreras and Dave Martin played wonderfully, as always.

As if this wasnt enough musical madness, our friend Paul Kramer brought in his electric mandolin and sat in with us on the last set.

March 25 Western Swing Wednesday - March 26, 2009

It was a glorious Western Swing Wednesday; though Jerry Krahn and Billy Conteras were absent (Jerry was working with the Titan Hot 7 and Billy was teaching fiddle in New York City), Mel Deal did a great job in the guitar role and our friend Hoot Hester came out to play fiddle with the band. Regular Nashville Swingers Chris Scruggs, Tommy Wells, Neil Stretcher and Dave Martin played wonderfully, as always.

The lovely and talented Lacie Madison came up and sang with us, and did the equally lovely and talented Amanda Contreras.

February 11 Western Swing Wednesday - February 12, 2009

This week, we were pleased to have the unbelievably talented Rory Hoffman sit in with us; his unorthodox style and undeniable talent helped make a great evening even better! Check out Rory's website:
Besides Rory, Freddie Holcomb joined the group for a rousing Texas shuffle. A great evening was had by all!

February 4 Western Swing Wednesday - February 5, 2009

The lovely and talented Jerry Krahn was out of town this week, so the equally lovely and talented John England joined us for the evening.

Our friend Kat Bowser was kind enough to join us for a couple of songs; she's a great singer!

Lineup for 12/03 Western Swing Wednesday! - November 30, 2008

This week, the talented Chris Scruggs, Billy Contreras and Dave Martin return, along with Jerry Krahn, Tommy Wells and Steve Kummer. This should be a great night!

Lineup for first Western Swing Wednesday! - November 15, 2008

For the first Western Swing Wednesday on November 26th, I'm pleased to have my Time Jumpers bandmate Andy Reiss on guitar, along with drummer Walter Hartman and pianist Neil Stretcher from John England's Western Swingers, plus the wonderful Chris Scruggs on steel (non-pedal, thank you very much), the extraordinary Billy Contreras on fiddle and Dave Martin playing upright bass.

Photos of the band can be seen at
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